Graniti Tecnica
Emotions in Stone

Our mission statement is service excellence. This is the basis of the Graniti Tecnica strategy and has been firmly upheld by management over several years of experience in the field. It is with this spirit of passion and dedication that we are motivated to constantly achieve higher levels of quality.

Management operates hands-on, prioritising the quality of products manufactured, ensuring timeous delivery and liaising with the industry professionals and clients, continually striving to achieve exceptional results at all times.


Once at the Graniti Tecnica processing factory, our team of experts inspects the stone to ensure stringent levels of quality control are upheld. Armed with some of the most sophisticated technology available, the blocks are then graded, catalogued and stacked according to production criteria.

Graniti Tecnica entrusts the industrial processing and finishing of marble, granite and other natural stones to fully computerised and sophisticated plant machinery. This ensures the highest level of quality, precision, indisputable reliability and extraordinary production capacity.

The plant is equipped with two polishing lines and the latest Breton technology resonating machine - thus ensuring that our technicians efficiently monitor both quality and selection at each stage of the squaring, calibrating and finishing processes. Once the primary stage is complete, an array of different finishes can be applied to give the stone a variety of different appearances.


An array of different finishes can be applied to achieve different appearances of the stone. Of these, polished, honed, brushed, leather, flamed and bush-hammered are the most common.

Once this process is completed, the stone is packaged and stored to preserve its natural beauty and the integrity of its structure. The granite is then distributed for a variety of applications and uses such as the tiles, paving, wall features and counter tops that adorn businesses and homes the world over.



Emotions in Stone