Emotions in Stone

Inspired by the beauty and opulence of gemstones, our semi-precious collection is an elegant range of specially-created natural stones interspersed with selected specimens and ammonites.

Pearlescent shells give off an iridescent sheen while the Rainbow Opale brilliantly reflects waves of light. White, Ivory and Honey translucent Onice marble combines well with backlighting to create exquisite bar counters or focal features.

Advanced manufacturing techniques allow for the inclusion of a broad range of beautiful gem specimens and highly specialised technicians spend countless hours laying out the gem specimens to ensure a stunning effect throughout each slab.

The Marble Classic gemstone collection is a stunning range of engineered natural stones for those who want to add glamour and striking style to their homes or offices. Visit our showrooms today to see this remarkable collection, and speak to a consultant to find the perfect one for you.

In addition to the above, Marble Classic Exclusive Warehouse for Natural Stones offers Limestone, Travertine, Sandstone and other natural stones.

Angel Jasper
Black Mother of Pearl (Shellstone)
Blue Agate
Bronze Mother of Pearl (Shellstone)
Brown Mother of Pearl (Shellstone)
Brown Petrified Wood
Caramel Abalone (Shellstone)
Classic Quartz
Fossilized Haematoid Quartz
Golden Caramel
Golden Mother of Pearl (Shellstone)
Graphic Feldspar
Green Abalone (Shellstone)
Haematoid Quartz
Ivory Opale (Shellstone)
Moka Mother of Pearl (Shellstone)
Natural Agate
Ocean Jasper
Picasso Quartz
Pink Mother of Pearl (Shellstone)
Rainbow Opale (Shellstone)
Red Carnelian
Red Jasper
Retro Petrified Wood
Retro Tiger Iron
Rose Quartz
Smoky Quartz
Tiger Eye Gold
White Mother of Pearl (Rainbow Shellstone)
White Mother of Pearl (Snow Shellstone)
Wild Quartz
Emotions in Stone