Emotions in Stone

Our showrooms offer a large selection of local and imported granite in a range of colours, textures and finishes.

At Tekno Granite we quarry some of the giant slabs of South African granite that is sent to our processing plants and which become the pieces of emotive modern art that are on display in our showrooms. Granite is one of nature's strongest materials, a life-long addition to your work or living space.

Granite is a natural stone, formed through heat and pressure, which makes it much more resistant to the high temperatures - perfect, in other words, for use as a kitchen countertop. Granite requires very little maintenance and only periodic sealing to ensure the surface does not collect dirt and wear quickly.

Marble Classic sells a range of local and imported granite in a variety of colours, cuts and finishes. Visit a showroom near you to see our complete range and find out how you can add granite to your home or office.

African Ivory (RSA)
African Red (RSA)
Baltic Brown
Bianco Sardo
Black Beauty
Blue Pearl
Cashmir White
Emerald Pearl
Giallo Duna (RSA)
Golden Lighting
Imperial Grey (RSA)
Ivory Brown
Madura Gold
Olive Green (RSA)
Tan Brown
Verde Bamboo C C
Verde Bamboo V C
Verde Fontein (RSA)
White Labradorite
Zimbabwe Black (RSA)
Emotions in Stone