Emotions in Stone

The Marble Classic Desert Collection is an exquisite range of South African granite that celebrates the warm, earthy tones of the African desert.

Available in a range of colours, textures and finishes, the Desert Collection adds the alluring romance of the desert to any living space. Choose between the charismatic Karoo, intriguing Namib ranges or add a bit of the captivating Kalahari to your home or office.

All granite used for the Desert Collection comes from local quarries, with Graniti Tecnica handling all cutting, polishing and treating of the raw stone slabs through the use of cutting-edge technology, such as the latest Breton computerised plant machinery.

Our expert technicians' fine attention to detail combined with our ultra-modern technology helps create a range of natural stone products that will add beauty and intrigue to any home or office.

Kalahari Autumn
Kalahari Dusk
Kalahari Spring
Karoo Beige
Karoo Ice
Namaqua Dawn
Namib Bronze
Namib Fantasy
Namib Gold
Namib Green
Namibian Silver
Emotions in Stone